The Role of the Gardens

Hillwood1 is independent from the gardens. All gardens are included, at no charge to them. (Learn more about DCGardens and its origins here.)

However, some of the gardens are or will be helping in a variety of ways:

  • Encouraging staff, volunteers and members of Friends groups to contribute photos and videos to DC Gardens.
  • Gardens with entrance fees may give seasonal passes to their assigned volunteer photographer.
  • Providing plant identification for photo and video captions.
  • Suggesting music, titles, credits,  favorite views, etc for videos.
  • Suggesting additional content for the website.
  • Contributing funds.

Gardens are encouraged to use DC Gardens’ resources and communications in a variety of ways:

  • Include videos and photos in their digital communications.  (E.g. “Here’s what our garden will look like next month.”) Videos can be embedded or linked to.
  • Include photos and videos on their websites, Facebook albums, Pinterest boards, or in print at no cost; no credit necessary.
  • More as we think of them.