Orchids NOW at U.S. Botanic Garden


You don’t have to be an orchid lover (hard to imagine, but still) to love the Orchids in Focus show at the U.S. Botanic Garden – because the display is SO innovative and includes plants larger and more glorious than most orchid-show-goers have ever seen. A partnership with Smithsonian Gardens, it’ll be wowing visitors through April 17.

For starters, this living wall of orchids has proven to be a huge hit with visitors.


It’s situated at the end of the now orchid-lined pool.


Stepping back, there’s a frame for what must be some awesome photos, selfies or otherwise.



And the large, potted orchids are just amazing.


Here are some close-ups of orchids in the West Gallery of the Conservatory, photos by the USBG itself.

Orchid - Rhyncholaeliocattleya Toshie Aoki

Orchids in Focus exhibit, U.S. Botanic Garden


And THIS is fun – the USBG has partnered with the North American Orchid Conservation Center to develop 25 punch-out models of U.S. native orchids for use in a variety of educational activities. They include information about the conservation status and ecology of the orchids.

The first of the orchid-gamis is the Showy Lady’s Slipper. Just click here for a full-color, two-sided pdf file that can be downloaded and printed at home.