DC Gardens is inspired by the knowledge that public gardens and gardening matter. We have two missions.

1. Bring more visitors to the surprisingly unknown public gardens of the Washington, DC-area because:

  • Gardens bring visitors close to plants and to all of nature, which benefits them mentally, spiritually and physically.
  • Visiting gardens is a gateway experience to taking up gardening at home and in the community.
  • Public gardens are the primary teaching facilities for turning residents into gardeners, with classes and workshops on growing food, providing for wildlife, protecting our waterways from polluting run-off, and creating beauty in our home gardens or balconies.
  • Turning people on to gardening results in more beauty for all of us to enjoy and better stewardship of our land – without nagging.

2. Connect DC-area gardeners and the gardening-curious with all the local resources available to teach and inspire them – not just public gardens but also clubs, native-plant societies, community and youth gardens, local garden media, etc.