Landscape Memorials On or Near the National Mall


The FDR Memorial is a favorite of local gardeners, and no surprise – it was designed by the world-famous landscape architect Lawrence Halprin as a series of garden rooms with five large water features.

Vietnam (L) and Korean (R) War Veterans Memorials.

Two other prominent landscape-style memorials are the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial, both very close to the Lincoln Memorial.

MLK Memorial. Photo by ROMA Design Group.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is still new and its landscaping not fully developed, but we’re keeping an eye on the progress of ROMA Design Group’s design.

Design by Michael Vergason.

The Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial was designed by famous landscape designer Michael Vergason to opened to great reviews in November of 2014.  Here’s one.

constitution gardens

An exciting new redesign for Constitution Gardens has been approved!  Coming soon.


The Pentagon Memorial (to 9/11 Victims) is serene and beautiful, and easily accessible by Metro. Click herefor a description and many more photos, all taken in September. Here’s the Landscape Architect’s Guide to the Pentagon Memorial.

Photo credits:  Vietnam Memorial, FDR Memorial, Korean War Memorial