About DC Gardens

DC Gardens is a project of the nonprofit Green Spaces for DC, which is serving as its Fiscal Sponsor.

From upper left: Susan Harris, Tom Stovall, Jim Sohn, Kathy Jentz.

From upper left: Susan Harris, Tom Stovall, Jim Sohn, Kathy Jentz.

Garden writer and teacher Susan Harris started DC Gardens and continues as its pro bono director and photo editor. She co-founded the award-winning blog GardenRant.com in 2006 and in 2016 created Good Gardening Videos, an ad-free, nonprofit website for curated gardening videos. She also produces a blog and Youtube channel about Greenbelt, MD.

DC Gardens contracts with Washington Gardener Magazine editor/publisher Kathy Jentz to promote the gardens and gardening in person and through social media.

Our Indiegogo campaign for start-up funds was aided by these savvy folks: Charlotte Germane at the American Horticultural Society, Carolyn Mullett of Carex Design, John Boggan of DC Tropics, and Stephanie Fleming of Behnke Nurseries.

Allycia White

Allycia Dickens

Thanks to graphic designer Allycia Dickens at Type A Designs for our logo, header, and printed materials.

Thanks to Dr. Richard Benfield, and Cindy Brown of the Smithsonian Gardens for inviting Dr. Benfield to speak to garden staff and volunteers in February of ’14. That talk led to the brainstorming that resulted in DC Gardens, as described in this blog story.


Richard Benfield and Cindy Brown

Volunteer Photographers

Tom Stovall has been photographing Meadowlark Botanic Garden for years and has donated all those photos to DC Gardens. He’s joined the campaign and will provide more photos – and videos – to the campaign.

Jim Sohn is a retired federal employee who’s donating his photos of River Farm to the DC Gardens campaign. Jim’s photos are collected here on Flickr.

John Boggan and James Gagliardi at the Smithsonian Institution are photographing SI gardens and other nearby gardens this season.

Professional garden photographers George Brown and Neil Soderstrom are donating their photos in low-resolution size for use on the web. Their photos can also be purchased in high resolution for use in print – directly from the photographers.

Many others are donating some of their best photos to the cause. Who’s next?

To Contact DC Gardens email Susan at DCGardens.

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  1. February 16, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    Late last fall I was at a botanical garden conference in DC. I was touring one of the Smithsonian institutions. A couple went up to one of the guards and asked how to get to the US Botanical Garden.

    Not only did he not know where it was, he did not even know it existed. The crazy thing is you could see it from the museum. I came to their rescue and was able to tell them how to get there. Good luck on spreading the word about the garden attractions.

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