Welcome to DC Gardens, under Development


Garden Design Magazine called DC Gardens “A good place to start planning what to see in a short weekend trip no matter when it is.”

DC Gardens, a volunteer-initiated, independent project to promote the gardens we love, is under development, with the campaign scheduled to launch in the spring of 2015.  None of the gardens shown here are responsible for the content of this site or the photos and videos made of their garden.

What’s here
- Photos and videos by month of the fabulous gardens in the Washington, D.C. area that are open to the public.

- Where to learn to garden, where to buy plants, a local garden blogroll – anything to help get new gardeners started.

- Photos are also posted by garden to Flickr and Pinterest.

We’re DC-area garden volunteers helping to promote the public gardens we love, and encouraging more people to garden. Photos and videos are all donated by volunteers and the project is volunteer-directed, with funds being sought to contract with a digital communications expert (Washington Gardener Magazine’s Kathy Jentz) beginning in the spring of ’15. Find out more about the people behind the project here.


Images and videos are being created throughout 2014, with full launch of DC Gardens in the spring of 2015. Beginning then, e-newsletters and social media updates will go out to general, local, gardening and travel media containing news of events in the gardens, and videos of what each garden will look like in the next month.

Here’s more about DC Gardens.com.

This Month in the Gardens  
Starting in the spring of 2015 we’ll be showing off the gorgeousness of DC-area gardens that very month.